Thursday, April 21, 2005

to the future...


it's been more than 2 weeks since i've last blogged.... ok, i mean to blog yesterday, and many more days ago, but i didn't.... the thing is, i'm not trying to blog for the sake of blogging, but that i really wanna blog.... ok, i'm going to start off with this vivid dream of mine.... i woke up this morning in a half-dream state, as i was still engrossed in my dream, thinking it was real... the feeling i felt was intense, real intense, as though i was feeling it at that time.... not going to elaborate explicitly abt the dream, as it's quite personal, but i was feeling happy... real blessed... no prize for guessing the contents, quite obvious.... but i don't understand why i dreamt of this kind of stuff.... abt this sec sch mate of mine, who wasn't even that close to me... i dreamt abt her... strange.... hiaz, if only, i could have this kind of happiness in real life.... however, dreams would always be dreams, and dreams are not often real....

anyway, back to reality... found out yesterday that ying xuan is working at kpmg too~!!! she's in the taz department whilst i'm at the corporate restruction department... it's so cool knowing someone in this huge, and massive corporation~!!! hopefully, the boss doesn't need me there so much... sianz, really don't feel like working even though the $ is good... it's too tiring to juggle piano, tuition and work... it's like i'm working 24/7... i want some time on my own... luckily, my sis is alternating with me.... hopefully, it will be over soon....

the next important thing that has happened to me was that smu and ntu has accepted me already... well, i was quite apprehensive abt smu as the interview was not what i forsee... i discussed the
casino issue, class division, iraq war, history stuff and corporate evils... didn't even give these issues any thought... so, when i saw i was accepted, i was well, phew.... hmm... up till now, i don't even know where i want to go... ntu has emotional ties for me, while smu has physical tie for me.... well, smu has a super cool building... i heard that it is connected underground... that definitely appeals to me... was talking to a manager at kpmg... she told me that which uni one went to does not matter at all, but the person u are and who u interact with... that's more important!! hmm, that's food for thought... i feel like going to smu... but the thought of going alone...??? hmm, sounds like a scaredy coward, perhaps i am.... so long.... have a week or 2 to decide... in addition to this, someone called me to enquire abt where i'm going... long ago, when i saw his name, i would jump for joy... now, it's sorta of a friendly concern... i'm glad that we never started... friends are more importantly than anything in close context...


went orchard with my sis today... ate ramen... nice~! anyway, feeling very tired nowadays... dunno why, no adequate rest?? haha.... anyway, meeting yoke tmr for a tea session at ntu... hmm.... ntu quite screwed up, never sent me the invitation or call me... whateva... haha, that's a brush-off definitely... haha, anyway, it's good to see yoke... hope she's feeling better~!! cya~!

to layz: it's good to talk to u!!! hope to chat with u soon~!!

Sunday, April 03, 2005


yesterday was a activity-filled day... hardly had the time to catch my breath... went to teach piano at kallang cc in the morning... it was a raining cats and dogs, which resulted in the absence of a student... well, i don't mind... more rest... these few days, have been working very late... been working for KPMG, one of the big 4... well, why the emphasis? haha, it's a very funny thing, cos of a person by the name of rachel... i was working at sph, where due to the merger, KPMG has been working with the 2 companies to close the account... saw her there... u know, usually, when u meet someone u know, u will go "HI!!" "What are u doing here??" u know, the surprised look... well, she just demanded a "what are u doing here?" i was like, what the heck is your problem? my sis, who is working with me, was shocked when she heard her tone and turned around to see what the problem was... hmm... most prob, she has signed for the sph scholarship, and was doing an internship there... she's just paranoid that someone SHE knows is in a well-known company, and she couldn't stand it? well, personally, i don't give a damn, the world is big enough for more than just your puny, self-centred thoughts... come on? in addition, since, i don't give a damn, why mention her? hmm... cos, i just don't give a shit to talk crap abt some person i don't even bother.... oh god?? there's really someone like that.... if there's more than one, i shudder at the thought....

it's really fun working with my dad, sis, and yoke~! it's less boring as i'm around with familiar people~!!! hmm, my boss, lena is real nice too.... hiaz, it's gonna end soon, the good pay, good working environment, wondrous experience.... hmm... just heard today that the company might need me~! yay~!! got $ to earn~!

hmm... just heard that i have to continue relieving for a teacher in my piano school... sianz arh~!! that teacher is so freaking irresponsible... don't wanna ask me earlier for the passing of the key... in addition, she just gave the notice, which is so super short that she doesn't want to teach anymore, hence i have to relieve for her.... hiaz, i'm fine with teaching, but some students are just so aargh~!!! like the five-year-old i complained before... sianz~!! anyway, just hope that my principal can find a teacher soon~!!!!

went back to nj with yoke to seek mr dio's advice on uni application... hmm, was it helpful?? well, i just feel that the main thing is that whateva u do, u must have the determination to make good... u will be fine... hmm.... it was pouring today too... yoke and i were quite drenched... shoes and legs were so wet~!!!

haha.... hiaz, want to rest desperately.... love slping~!!